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Terabit Systems Europe is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Terabit Systems is more than a supplier of top-quality networking hardware. We are a customer-centered business that strives to provide you the best, hassle-free customer service in the network hardware industry. It’s simple, you have enough going on managing your day to day network operations. The experience of buying hardware should not be something you dread. You will enjoy working with our Networking Specialists and look at buying networking hardware in a whole new light.

In addition to the savings you receive buying refurbished equipment, we also help extend your budget with our asset recovery/hardware re-marketing services. If you have surplus gear or are switching platforms, we can help lower your total cost of ownership by buying your unused or used networking equipment and offering fair-market value or trade-in on your new networking equipment. Give us a call to set up a free audit of your gear.

We make purchasing networking hardware simple for you. If anything goes wrong within the first year, we will replace it or offer a full refund. Simple enough? Our rigorous testing procedures allow us to certify our equipment with rock solid warranties. Our tight shipping process ensures it arrives safely – on time.

Quality Control

Fully port tested. Ready to deploy.

We take network equipment quality very seriously. Our goal is to deliver you 100% functional network equipment. When you purchase refurbished networking equipment from Terabit Systems, rest assured it has been thoroughly tested. Here’s an overview of out 5-step network equipment testing process we use at Terabit Systems.

  1. Physical Inspection Every networking router, switch and load balancer is carefully inspected to check for any physical issues that would affect functionality. We inspect connectors, heat-sinks, faceplates, buttons, latches etc. for damage. Some items are rejected outright at this stage, and removed from the product pool.
  2. Functional Testing At this step networking gear is run through applicable testing. Switches are run through their POST (power-on-self-test), and any errors noted. Log files are checked for error messages, fans and power supplies are tested, and port testing is begun. Traffic is passed through all ports at wire speed by putting the device on our test network featuring state-of-the-art LANforge software up to 10GB/Sec. Whenever possible, built-in diagnostic commands are executed. Modules are run in chassis, and again, checked for normal function. Optical transceivers have traffic passed through them before being passed.
  3. Factory Defaults We restore settings to factory default on all used routers, switches, and load balancers. All passwords and configurations are removed, and firmware is updated whenever possible. The equipment is made ready to use out of the box, just like it would be if new from the manufacturer.
  4. Cosmetic Refurbishment Networking equipment that has passed the first 3 steps is wiped clean and dusted. Some casings may be repainted if significant scratches are present. Fans, heat sinks, and components are blown off to remove dust.
  5. Final Quality Control and Kitting of Networking Equipment Gear passing the first four steps are given a final QC check, kitted out with any applicable accessories (rack mounts, power cord, console cable, PDF’s etc.), and sent into our warehouse inventory – available for sale. Once ordered, networking product is pulled and professionally packed for safe transit using the best methods and materials available. We realize how rough transit can be, and take every precaution to ensure items are fully protected.

Simply put, we deliver the best quality networking equipment (routers, switches, and load balancers) possible, to ensure a completely hassle free experience.

  • 100% functional product
  • In good cosmetic condition
  • Complete and ready to use
  • Delivered safely and on time

Terabit Systems has an outstanding track record of delivering on these goals.


Not that you'll ever need it.

Not only do we deliver top quality equipment that is fully tested, we stand behind that equipment with our generous warranty coverage.

  • End users All items sold by Terabit Systems include a hardware warranty. End user customers are covered for ONE-YEAR from the original date of purchase. Any unit found to be defective in that time period will be replaced, or a refund will be given if a suitable replacement is not available.
  • Resellers All items sold to resellers are covered for 30-days from the original date of purchase, unless otherwise specified on invoice. Any unit found to be defective in that time period will be replaced, or a refund will be given if a suitable replacement is not available.
  • Return process In the unlikely event a unit is found to be defective during the warranty period, contact your sales rep to get an RMA authorization number. Instructions will be given as to how and where to ship the item. Once received and tested, a replacement or refund will be sent. While extremely rare, we want the return procedure to be easy and effective. The burden is on us to make that happen, and maintaining customer satisfaction is the overriding priority in the case of an RMA.

Used Network Hardware

We’ll buy your used networking equipment and take the hassle out of the equation.

Sometimes our customers are surprised by the value of what they called obsolete gear in their network. We help them recover that value.

  • Sell your Networking Equipment to Us! We provide you comprehensive support during all phases of the process, including asigning value, installing, packing, logistics and shipping. You will work hand-in hand with our trained IT professionals and ensure that the process as streamlined and easy as possible.
  • Lower your TCO (total cost of ownership) For many companies the added revenue from selling IT assets, rather than recycling, can help turn depreciated assets into working capital. This extends your IT budget and fuels growth.
  • Let’s build a better planet together To reuse “greener” than to recycle . We help you extend the useful life of desposed hardware, minimizing e-waste and the added pollution caused by the processing and deconstruction of salvageable IT assets. By circumventing traditional eCycling channel, no additional fossil fuels are required for processing and thus no new carbon is released into the atmosphere. This makes remarketing a carbon-neutral process.

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